What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows in Asia, mainly in Myanmar, Malaysia, and Thailand. Its medical name is “Mitragyna Speciosa”. In spite of the fact that the name “Kratom” basically represents the plant, the term is widely used to mention its leaves, which have amazing psychoactive and medicinal properties. However, it is illegal in Thailand (from where it originates) due to lesser tax revenue from opium distribution.

Ways to take Kratom
Kratom is generally chewed, but one can also make tea from its leaves. It can also be consumed in powdered form; with juice or any other drink. The fine powder can be obtained by crushing the leaves which can be later used to make Kratom Capsules. Another common way of consuming Kratom is to smoke its leaves. As mentioned above, it has medicinal properties, and it has a great ancient significance. It has been in use for more than 100 years; however, its historic timeline is unknown.

Myth about Intoxication
A few people have reported intoxicating effects; however, it is an organic herbal medicine. Kratom has usually been used as a treatment of diarrhea, opium dependency, and as a painkiller in the Pacific islands, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. It is very popular around the southeast Asian regions, which certainly proves its beneficial effects. However, intoxicating effects are possible with the overdoses. Many users reported similar to marijuana effects after consuming Kratom; feeling of calm and euphoria have also been reported by a few. Even so, there are no intoxicating effects of Kratom.

Substance Abuse and Side Effects
Practically, there are no side effects or adverse reactions associated with the consumption of Kratom; however, long term consumption might lead to a few uncommon as well as some lighter effects like weight loss, insomnia, and skin darkness. Substance abuse or drug abuse is not recommended; always consume recommended dosage only. Substance abuse can lead to addiction. That is why, one should consult a Kratom medical expert or a physician before consuming, especially one who have a history of addiction symptoms. Technically, there are no adverse reactions as it is a natural medicine.

Bottom Line
Kratom is a miracle healing herb, as it incorporates many medicinal properties. It is used to treat depression, fatigue, pain, anxiety, migraines, and many other disorders. The plant is considered to be a panacea because all types of people can use Kratom. The bottom line is that it is a wonderful medicinal leaf.

Guide for Kratom Buyers and Users